Decriminalize File Sharing

This is an English translation of an article that I, and six other Members of the Swedish Parliament representing the Moderate Party, had published in Expressen on January 3, 2008. The article, calling for decriminalization of all file sharing, has started a loud debate in Swedish media.

Last fall, Sweden’s government-appointed copyright analyst Cecilia Renfors released a report proposing to close down file sharers’ Internet connections, banning them from the online world. The responsibility to execute the ban is put on the Internet Service Providers. Internet Service Provides who refuse to cut their subscribers’ connections would be fined.

When the Swedish government sent the Renfors proposal out to agencies and organizations for consideration the criticism was harsh. The Swedish Courts of Appeal questions whether banning citizens from the Internet would indeed reduce online file sharing. Despite several other countries having already taken similar action, none have had good results to show for it.

The Data Inspection Board, responsible for safeguarding the individual’s integrity, asks whether the Renfors proposal is consistent with the protection of private correspondence that is granted by the European Convention on Human Rights. EU directives as well as national legislation say that the responsibility of the Internet Service Providers is to offer a tool for communication – not to keep track of what individuals discuss or what information they exchange. The Competition Authority adds that it’s unreasonable to give private businesses responsibilities that should belong to a government agency. The decisions to ban subscribers from the Internet would be arbitrary without a proper legal process. And so it continues when you read the comments from the major agencies. Agency after agency slams the Internet-ban proposal.

Representatives of the copyright industry are more enthusiastic to closing down citizens’ Internet connections, and they hold up France as a positive example. In France, government agencies, copyright holders and Internet Service Providers have been forced into an alliance. General Electric describes how it works: “In reality it means that the Internet Service Providers must watch what their customers do on the Internet and report it.”

The Antipiracy Bureau describes Sweden as a free zone for file sharers, and defends compromising the individual’s legal rights with the argument that other countries have done this already. Yet why should Sweden adapt to positions of countries like France? Sweden is one of the world’s most prominent technology nations, and our technology friendliness must be reflected in our policies. As part of a global network, we can offer Internet users all over the world the freedom of information that they are denied in their home countries.

Decriminalizing all non-commercial file sharing and forcing the market to adapt is not just the best solution. It’s the only solution, unless we want an ever more extensive control of what citizens do on the Internet. Politicians who play for the antipiracy team should be aware that they have allied themselves with a special interest that is never satisfied and that will always demand that we take additional steps toward the ultimate control state. Today they want to transform the Internet Service Providers into an online police force, and the Antipiracy Bureau wants the authority for themselves to extract the identities of file sharers. Then they can drag the 15-year-old girl who downloaded a Britney Spears song to civil court and sue her.

Will the Antipiracy Bureau be satisfied with this? Probably not, because even the harsher laws now proposed will not stop the file sharing. Already there are anonymization services on the market that make the new laws ineffective. For this reason, the Antipiracy Bureau will demand new tools that further intensifies the surveillance of the Internet. The simple truth is that almost all communication channels on the Internet can be used to distribute copyrighted information. If you can use a service to send a message you can most likely use the same service to send an mp3-song. Those who want to prevent people from exchanging of copyrighted material must control all electronic communication between citizens.

In the late 1970s, the copyright industry wanted to prevent people from recording TV-shows with then-new Video Cassette Recorders. In 1998 the recording industry tried to get mp3 players banned. We politicians have to make clear that we are not prepared to build the technology-hostile control state that would be necessary to satisfy the Antipiracy Bureau and their likes.

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  1. Erik,

    It’s not yet clear what obligations Sweden has as a result of IPRED1. We now wait for a ECJ-decision regarding a Spanish case, and this decision will tell us whether we have to give interest organizations the right to extract the identities of file sharers. If ECJ decides that a we don’t have to pass a national law accomplishing this, then we shouldn’t pass such such law voluntarily. The principle we should follow is to implement IPRED1 in a minimalistic way, and I believe the debate that I started will move the Swedish political establishment in that direction.

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  3. I am a citizen of Greece, but I would like to thank you for your wisdom and courage. Your country never ceases to impress me, and I only hope that one day I will be able to give back some of the huge good will I have towards you. Thank you.

  4. Excellent, well thought out article. Your arguements are sound. Where will it end; the control of the populace by special interest groups. Their commercial monopoly and distribution model has failed now due to modern technology and they can’t face this. They are lost, just as the dinosaurs of yesterday and will fade into history as the tyrants that they are. Eighty-two billion dollars a year for movies is not enough? When will they have enough money for their waterfront mansions and Ferrari’s?

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  6. I hope that your initiative will get the support from members
    of all parties. As you say, it is the only solution to the problem,
    as the current law turns a collaborative sharing activity into
    a criminal act. This is bad for society as a whole. The respect for
    the laws and the legal system deteriorates.

    I think it is important to see that the draconian measures wanted
    by the film and music industries will only delay their search for
    better business models. What is certain is that they will have
    to change, and the sooner, the better.

  7. So, basically, the only solution is to steal?
    And because many people steal, we should make stealing legal? You are out of your minds!

  8. What people have to realize is 90% of the stuff on the web is copyrighted already. The copyright is the problem. They can come up with the stupidest laws like copyright valid till 100 years past death of the creator and the great internet by it’s very nature will mute that law. Just think everything made since 1923 is copyrighted in some for or another.

    All that creativity lost. Perpetual copyrights where if you photograph a centuries old book it somehow can become copyrighted again. It’s stupid.

    Set it all free I say. It is the information age. There is no way to stop it other than unplug the net. People have to understand that. The copyright idea is extinct. Time to put some fairness back into the system.

    How are they going to tell the difference of my music from theirs? Can I sue them if they block my free music ?

  9. It’s time more people realise that copyright laws exist to foster creativity and are not some god-given absolute right. I believe copyright in the EU now extends to 75 years after the death of the original author. That’s ridiculous. We need to give culture back to whom it belongs: the people.
    P.S. That fifteen-year-old girl downloading Britney Spears fully deserves that lawsuit. She should’ve been downloading Radiohead’s In Rainbows instead ;-)

  10. No, the only solution is for the mass media companies to join the present and embrace file sharing.
    If they develop services to sell their music and movies that is as easy to use as current file sharing methods and cheap enough, the amount of pirated copies will drop.
    I think it’s not possible to ban all piracy, no matter the medium used.

  11. Praise God that members of the Swedish government are showing sense. I pray for the same thing in America. (As Peggy Noonan says, most Americans just want to elect a good candidate who is not obviously insane.)

    Toon: LOL!

  12. I think a sane (and commercially appropriate) solution is
    – sell all music without DRM but watermarked so the original buyer is traceable
    – if a file turns up on the web that should not be shared, the original buyer is fined
    – the onus for finding if a watermarked file is visible on a public network is on the rights owner, but google can probably create and charge for an approptiate search service.

    This will
    – not result in any inconvenience for innocent users
    – decrimilize the “passing on” of music and put the emphasis on the person who uploaded it in the first place (who is identified by the credit card they used to buy it). This means an end to the pointless arms race of anonymisation and more sophisticated law enforcement.
    – leave the ISPs to do what they do best, carry traffic.

    Sure, there will be some hi tech villains who will know how to strip off the watermarks, or who will simply redigitise via analogue equipment, but this was always going to be possible.

  13. It is not to allow stealing. It is not to give power to international corporations. Governments, chosen by the people of the (appropriate) country, not the corporations should make national (federation) law.
    If only reasonable law is applied and defined in legal documents then more and more people will respect it.
    The problem is that the people do not respect ‘law’ because it is seldom The Law.

  14. Its not stealing. The simple solution that Canada is proposing is just adding 5 bucks per internet connection per month and redistributing that to the record companies.

    Now, that proposal is, in fact, stealing. Because not everyone will download music, but you’ll pay for it either way.

  15. he said: “Decriminalizing all non-commercial file sharing and forcing the market to adapt” is the solution. Not stealing. or Making
    stealing legal. Since Wye’s goal is to oversimplify the language,
    if someone gives me (x) can i possibly be stealing (x)?

    complicity to theft?

    should we pass a law that we are liable for any gift we accept
    without a receipt? how hard is it to fake a receipt? maybe we
    should pass a law against gifts because protecting corporate profit
    is far more important than human fulfillment, eh?..

    and no i honestly can’t keep with who is signed and who
    isn’t, who’s putting out a mixtape that you can copy or
    who owns’ who’s beats. and is that an interpolation or a clip?
    is it public domain yet? maybe i should never listen to music
    in case i can’t figure out who to give my 14 cents to…

    oops they played music at the restaurant i better leave call the riaa

  16. Probably the best and most well thought out statement regarding file sharing on the web. I have to agree with your statements regarding due process of law in denial of services to the offending individual, I only wish that many of the service providers and governmental officials were able to see so clearly.

  17. If the wisdom of Sweden would reach the Police state the the USA has become.The RIAA/MPAA (or MAFIAA as they are referred as) are intent to make criminals out of their customers,soon they will have no customers.I,for one,have quit buying music CDs and DVD discs because of the heavy handed tactics and the DRMed discs that are practically unusable,due to the heavy overuse of copy protection.This also includes the use of rootkits/spyware/malware to stop any copying.(Sorry you corporate A-Holes,doesn’t work and never will .)
    Most of the music I listen to,via a MP3 player at home & on the road (My 1990 Ford Aerostar van has a dock for MP3 now in the factory stereo.Modified it myself),come from old vinyl LP records I have purchased over the decades.The music(and most of the audio books) I listen to have been out of print for 20 years or more. These corporate control-freaks try to tell me I can’t listen to what I purchased? F**k You,a-holes.I listen to what I want,not what you order me too.
    BTW,if they ever show up at my door,it will be BYOBB for them.(Bring you own Body bag),because they will trigger the hillbilly/redneck version of WW3.And I’m ready,waiting and I’ll take as many out as I can.
    I just don’t give a damn anymore.

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  19. the main misunderstanding concerning the notion of stealing/theft in the context of file sharing is that stealing requires something to change ownership. now if i still have the music i (file-)shared with you, how can that be stealing?

    if you are talking about stealing profit from the record companies the case is different. they just don’t deserve being paid because obviously music distribution (their original purpose) does not cost anything anymore.

    lastly. if you (wye) were talking about stealing revenue from the artists then you better ask them how much money they make from records and how much money they make from live concerts. compare the numbers. see.

  20. Wye:

    Is radio stealing? No it’s just a different means of distribution. In an age where copying a file incurrs zero cost you cannot enforce a broken distribution model. What works for physical media doesn’t work for digital files. When something is scarce is has a greater value and the music conglomerates cannot pretend that something which can be infinitely replicated is scarce. Change the financial and distribution models and everyone wins.

  21. One only has to look at the fiasco in the US now that greedy corporations control all intellectual content (virualy forever) to see that this is the only logical solution. Thank you for you courage.

    • Surely imagine evihtyreng you explained. Ones most liked approval have also been with the web the most convenient factor to adopt directly into accout regarding. My partner and i tell a person, I undoubtedly find irked whilst individuals consider conditions many people obviously don’t realize with regards to. Anyone managed to strike your nail bed upon the superior as well as described away the whole lot with no need unwanted effect, other people can require a indication. Might be again to obtain additional. Thanks a lot!

  22. Nicely said.

    I think we need to shift focuse away from misappropriation of media as an issue of theft and realise that the internet represents new channels of distribution and that it’s more traditional modes of distribution that are under threat and not actually the original media production.

    We’ve had a couple of UK bands prove that it is possible for artists to be profitable using these new channels of distribution and bypass the existing oligopolies.

    I’d bring to your attention a talk presented to Australian TV producers and executives that breaks down how these new distribution channels can be more profitable for producers if we don’t buy into the distorted view that the existing distributors have to have their economic models propped up…

    In the music industry as it stands today artists can hope to make 7% if they are very fortunate from the sales of their produced media. That is what the existing cartels of middlemen are seeking to preserve. It is not in the public interest, and it is not it the producers interest. There are other models that can be implemented that better meet the needs of both the public and the artist.

  23. God bless Sweden, please…PLEASE get this message to the US, where simply making copyrighted material available constitutes a crime. Help us! The citizens of the US are trapped!

  24. I really want to thank you guys for seeing some sense, this really has made my day. To see that for once a politician has really got an understanding of what they talk about if a relief. I may live in Britain but i give you all the support i can send in a virtual hug :). I hope your great country stays great and acts on this, and i hope other follow suit. Thank you again

  25. Toon said:

    “It’s time more people realise that copyright laws exist to foster creativity and are not some god-given absolute right.”

    Bingo. Copyright and patent laws do not create property rights; there is no such thing as “intellectual property.” There are specific, exclusionary rights created by copyright and patent laws, but those are not property rights, and part of the point of them is to limit the period of time during which the creator has exclusive rights to his or her creation, in order to foster creativity in both the arts (copyright) and invention (patent).

    Copyright terms need to be restored to the 14/28 years that they were up until the mid-1970s in the U.S., I believe it was.

  26. I think the most important issue here is — who really wants continuous control of a product. It is basically the producers. Media (also software and other) companies are the producers (or an abstraction if you think the artists or developers are the producers). But the companies are actually (in most cases) owned by the shareholders and you and me may be making money off their stocks (directly or indirectly — even a bank may be investing your money in a savings account in their stocks).

    Corpoprations are basically setup for the profit of the owners, and since it is difficult to put a face on the people making lot of money (basically shareholders) they have not historically demonstrated any social responsibility (except for advertisement motives). Also, you or me as shareholder would not like to invest in a venture that does not make profit.

    Per the copyright system, even if you brought an item you cannot make a copy of it. Therefore, any copies made are violation of the copyright. Since human progress depends on future generations being able to build upon the work of past generations – producers profit cannot be the only criteria for designing a copyright system.

    Also, it is important to remember here is that these producers did not create their work in a vacuum — they used tools, concepts and investions of past generations for which they are not paying any royalties.

    So, I think the copyright system has to be be tweaked (and this has been attempted) so that the producer can profit off copies of their product — for a more reasonable duration (given the pace of change these days) — say 10 years (a decade). Also, corporations have to be forced into assuming more social responsibility – for example corporations larger than a certain size would have to directly contribute funds to public projects. In the current system, corporations can have the power to direct the future of the world, but don’t have any liabilities in terms of responsibilities for the greater good.

    Therefore, allowing copy of material in violation of current laws cannot be the solution.

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    • Jag e4r ose4ker pe5 om ne5got av hje4lper. fredliga dmoestraioner e4r ve4rdelf6sa att gf6ra protest lisotor e4r ve4rdelf6st enda som kan funka e4r ju antingen att rf6sat pe5 PP, SD eller ne5got annat ungt parti som se4tter folkets vilja framff6r ekonomin, EUs och USAs pe5 tryckningar. om inget av de fungerar se5 e4r de revolution som ge4ller. stf6rta regeringens korruption och snabbt ut ur EU som vi bara fe5r skit av,

  28. Thank you! A voice of reason in the sea of chaos. I wish U.S politicians saw sense this clearly.
    But why stop w. copyrighted music? The notion that 1 idea, documented @ 1 point in time, should provide financial payments to the author for each identical copy made (for an indefinite future time) is absurd. The rest of our economy doesn’t work this way. No other industry expects to collect moneys for simply replicating the same couple of musical measures~!

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  30. It is our duty as citizens to fight against law that are unjustified, it might be theft but if the people deems it shouldn’t be than why should it be. Ad I won’t accept a because it’s written in the law as an answer. If women hadn’t fought against the laws that were treating them wrongly they would never have won the right to vote.

    So when I download something copyrighted I don’t see myself as a thief, I see myself as fighting laws that are unjustified. If they were providing me with what I want for a reasonable price I wouldn’t mind. In fact I buy plenty of products I could download just because I think that what is given to me for my money is worth the price I’m paying.

  31. The Recording industry will never accept the fact that the recording industry is DEAD! RIAA has NO purpose to the creative artist. The model has always been pay RIAA to produce and advertise an album. RIAA gets all profits from CD sales. In return artist gets famous and people buy concert tickets. RIAA owns large amphitheaters, RIAA gets a big part of concert ticket ticket sales, and the rest is split up between the artists. Bands get all proceeds from t-shirt sales.

    The internet has made this model obsolete. Artists can build recording studios from free recycled products, and make CD masters on a computer with excellent quality with FOSS (audacity, etc), and mass produce them for less than $2000. Give away the CD online, and post videos on YouTube for promotion. No more need for big concerts for small bands to be heard or noticed or sell tickets. For fans that want to show their appreciation they can buy CD’s at concerts or online that include album art and such. At $5 for a CD, bands would make an unprecedented killing on profits versus the 5 cents they get for every sale over 2 million, if in the past they have sold over 5 million of any 2 CD’s.

    Copyright law, for the purpose of actually protecting artists, was necessary because IN THE PAST, it was hard for individuals to distribute their own work. big media solves the problem of the market barrier expense. The market barrier today is FAKE and created by big media through copyright law that HURTS artists.

    If the free exchange of ideas was instant, and copyright law, as it is in the US was gone, artists would be put on a level playing field where talent produces profit controlled by fans, not big media. No more of the .0001% famous artists and the 99.9999% that only get to do it because it is what they love.

    According to ‘the law’ (government, not society) and big media, If you have ever sung Happy Birthday, and didn’t pay a royalty, YOU ARE A THIEF! If you listen to CD’s on your computer YOU ARE A THEIF! If you have ever played music in a CD player in such a way that it is audible to another person, YOU ARE A THIEF! If you have paid license to (most often Microsoft) software and even TRY to fix it, YOU ARE A THIEF! If you buy software and individually use it on more than 1 computer, YOU ARE A THIEF!

    If it must persist that we will use that as our definition of stealing, then YES, LEGALIZE STEALING!!! Don’t be manipulated by BS nomenclature and jargon.

    The only necessary thing that is necessary to protect creative works and artists is trademark law; other people may not produce a creative work and intentionally misrepresent it off as somebody else’s, commercially or otherwise. That should be the purpose of a watermark, authentication, not tracking down which credit card was used to purchase the copy of a work that was distributed and redistributed in a way that was unintended by the authorized distributor.

    The market HAS changed, and dying tyrants will never put down their sword. With their last breathe and their last gold they will try to tell us what to do because it is in THEIR best interest.

    But we are free at last when we choose to accept it in our hearts and minds.

  32. A must see! “Steal this Movie, Part I & II”. Get it from he Pirate Bay. (Don’t worry, they want you to copy it) GREAT film on the history of ‘Pirates’ through out history that believed in the free exchange of ideas, and the people that tried to hunt them down beginning with Guttenberg. Yes, Guttenberg was a pirate (as were considered all “publishers” in that time. ) He was hunted by governments and their equivelant of “Big Media”, but never gave up on what he believed in.

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  34. Great ideas, here. Especially Adelie. I already feel like a thief, and I haven’t gotten into my second paragraph of my comment. I guess the biggest issue is the potential break with EU copyright law. I guess it could come down to France suing Sweden because Sweden has become a “pirate haven”. See what you’ve come to? Bickering among yourselves. We Americans have a more civilized approach: invasion, occupation, installation of a puppet. Still hasn’t worked in California though.

    The Federal Law of the United States says marijuana is illegal. California law says that licensed physicians can recommend marijuana, and clubs can operate, if they are licensed. It’s as close as we’re going to get to the Dutch model. The Feds don’t like that, so they attack.

    So, is Sweden going to be in an analogous situation? Will they be defying the will of the rest of the EU? Don’t get me wrong. I think that what you are attempting to do is great. I’m just concerned about repercussions, reactions, conclusions, and (to a certain extent) recursion.

    Oh, and tracking users by watermarking music won’t work. Any mathematical algorithm can be defeated by an equal and opposite equation. Or a sharpie. The sharpie works wonders.

  35. Can I vote for ‘Moderaterna’ even if I am Norwegian and live in Norway? :)

    Very well put. I strongly agree with your position on this. In my opinion, the best observation you made is that the current line of criminalizing file sharing will inevitably lead to a control state because of the surveillance needed to detect it.

    Keep up the good work! I hope you can convince the rest of the members of parliament.

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  37. Oh, another note to add after doing a little research, copyright infringement in no form is theft. See Dowling v. United States 473 U.S. 207 (1985). Infringement is infringement, not stealing or theft, affirmed by United States Supreme Count. Another great one to throw in peoples faces, like Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act 15 U.S.C. § 2301 any time a retailer tells you “sorry, your warranty doesn’t cover that”. Anyway, not to distort the issue, there is still the NET act (No Electronic Theft) which provides criminal penalties in cases of non-commercial infringement which has only been in effect since 1997.

  38. Brilliant! After the “fall” of the once-respected United Police-States of Amuhrka, a lot of people from the rest of the world were looking (aspiring) towards Europe for sense, sensibility and fairness. (So they could _copy_ the European solution to this problem in their own countries.)


    In the race to become the biggest corporatocracy in the world, the EU seem extremely eager to legalise corporate greed in this case, even to the detriment of society. France, Germany and the Netherlands have disappointed the rest of the world with the speed and determination with which they turned their legal systems against their own citizens, ultimately to uphold an outdated and unsustainable business model. Against this dark picture, it is enlightening to see somebody from the political establishment with enough insight and courage, trying to put a stop to the madness. Thank you. Sweden (well, at least one part of Sweden) is setting a great example – I hope lots of others will _copy_ you!

  39. I saw someone propose to talk about a tax on internet connection to fund the artists.

    Great, communism worked so well. We all know what a guranteed income would mean.

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  41. Dear Karl,

    Your most sensible article yet again makes me jealous that I reside in Australia rather than Sweden. Time after time I am impressed by what I hear from your borders.

    Best of luck with everything, I look forward to turning up at your shores one day.

  42. Fantastic article Karl.

    A generation of people that have grown up sharing and downloading music and movies is nearing adulthood. This is a generation of people not encumbered with outdated concepts related to our heavily abused and corporate manipulated copyright system. These kids realize the full potential of the Internet and as they reach adulthood, their ideas will seep in to and meld with the political and corporate world, changing it dramatically.

    I hope Sweden is the first to attach itself to this new wave that will, inevitably, take place many years from now in other countries all over the world. Keep fighting.

  43. I truly wish the American voting public actually gave one tenth the level of concern the swedes do towards this. Anti-piracy, patent, and copyright legislation is destroying out countries ability to remain innovative and competitive in emerging markets.

    It would be truly wise of all nations to adopt a more adaptive approach to a shifting economic balance.

    I wish you luck.

  44. Hallo Karl !

    I wonder if you realized what you put in motion here. Three days ago, nobody except some Swedes had heard of you, now you’ve got more people than live in Sweden behind you. Infact several times more.

    Your suggestion is a good one, and not just for Sweden. Tell us, what can we do to help ? Voting for you is an obvious choice, but one not available to us non-swedes.

    Anything else ? I’m guessing you’d say: publicity, but you’ve already got that. Talk, and millions listen. Now go change the world.

  45. I hope this passes. I am a British citizen, and am also feeling a compulsion to move to Sweden – no M.P. of the UK has even said this in private, much less proposed a bill.

    Obviously I disagree with the “but it’s stealing” comments on here; surely the main reason for creating properly laws for “real” property in the first place was that by taking such real property you deprived someone else of it’s use, causing them a loss – that can never be true of information.

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  47. is finally being taken to court by Swedish authorities. See

    I hope they win. I also hope you can convince other government members to change laws so this does not ever need to happen again. Seriously. They do not even host any copyright materials on their site(s). They are just an indexing site.

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  51. Thanks Sigfrid for standing up for your believes.

    For all of you who says that you want to move to Sweden…dont speak to soon, we have still a fight to do here. Sigfrid…Im more left than right but those titles doesnt mean anything when there is freedom at stake and there is no way I can express my respect towards you enough. THANKS! You have showed courage, strength and integrity beyond anything I thought were possible in todays politics in sweden.

    Last time I voted for “The Pirate Party” but as you know…if/when the issues they carry gets solved, there will be no need for them to exist. Im glad to have found someone at the “opposite” side of the spectrum that shares my (and a few millions (billions?)) concern. I wish you all the best in your continued fight for civil liberties.

  52. I have been disappointed with moderaterna during this term, but this initative is fantastic! Maybe you will get my vote again just for this.

    Let’s hope this becomes part of the party program!

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    • “Vad har ff6re4ndrats i sakfre5gan som fe5r dessa att plf6tsligt te4nka om?”Tid.Tid att ta fram nya fakta om FRAs verksamhet.Tid att lsnysa till motste5ndarnas argument.Tid att analysera ff6respre5karnas argument.Tid att begrunda och dra sje4lvste4ndiga slutsatser utifre5n allt ovan.

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  56. I’d just like to say how impressed I am with Swedens take on this. This is an example of how a Democracy should be. Sweden is a true modern thinking country.

    I’m proud to have Swedish heritage.

  57. Nice to see that the swedish socialism fond its way on the technology and information era. Strong corporates with huge power try to postpone this debate the most they can and do everything to keep the old copyright law model, that just doesn’t make sense anymore.
    This kind of article is very important and we should all be aware that this opinion is censored in most of the political circles. As an example, in my country (Portugal) this debate is simply ignored, no party has an opinion about this, media and justice are simply manipulated to treat this as “those internet pirates who comit serious copyright crimes”.
    It’s a hard responsibility to Sweden now that the world eyes are pointing at it when it comes to talk about digital information sharing.
    Like in any other revolution people is the base stone. Personaly i’ll let my friends know about this article.
    Karl Sigfrid, Thank you for doing politics in its true meaning and having robust ideas that you believe can benefit all. I belive in them too.
    Keep up.

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  59. This has nothing to do with socialism and everything to do with plain wisdom.

    We don’t want a society where private interests have a right to monitor – and destroy – the lives of the public in the name of profit.

    • Vet tve5 affe4rer som du bara me5ste e5ka till. De heter be5da Baldershage och e4r se5 mysiga. En ligegr i Alingse5s och en i Gf6teborg, de har numera olika e4gare. Den pittoreska affe4ren i Alingse5s har det ge5tt busslaster av handlande damer till. Den ligegr i en gammal le4genhet pe5 Drottninggatan. Le4genheten har kvar sin gamla charm med, vedspis osv. Den i Gf6teborg heter Balders Hage Diversehandel och e4r ve4l ve4rd ett besf6k de5 resa genomff6res. Den i Gf6teborg ligegr pe5 webben se5g jag. Se5g att den ligegr pe5 facebook med, ge5 in och kolla foton, och “lite nya bilder fre5n butiken” Du kommer att vilja ha en Gf6teborgsresa nu genast. Det e4r mycket kompetent av dig att skriva med stora bokste4ver, de5 det le4ses av “alla”, de5 med speciell riktning. Ve4ntar med gle4dje pe5 bilder framf6ver vad som har hamnat i dina julklappar. Kram

    • Lars-Erick: Ja, Olle fe5r gf6ra re4tt ff6r sig ;-), e4ven om han bara e4r erse4ttare i utskottet. De som e4r ne4rmast berf6rda e4r ff6ljande:Infrastrukturminister c5sa Torstensson, Henrik Hansson, potlsiikt sakkunnig hos henne och Jf6rgen Samuelsson Conseiller (te9le9communications, poste, industrie, compe9titivite9) i Bryssel. I IMCO finns bl a ledamf6terna Charlotte Cederschif6ld (m), He9le8ne Goudin (junilistan), Anna Hedh (s), Eva-Britt Svensson (v) och suppleant Olle Schmidt (fp). I ITRE finns bl a ledamoten Lena Ek (c ) och suppleanterna Gf6ran Fe4rm (s) och Gunnar Hf6kmark (m). Hf6kmark e4r dessutom vice ordff6rande i parlamentets stf6rsta partigrupp EPP-ED och har se5ledes ockse5 ne5got av en nyckelroll ne4r det ge4ller samarbetet mellan le4nderna.

    • Gun, du e4r min idol. Jag arbetar till vgradas som reporter pe5 en te4mligen ansedd finanstidning men le4ser med stor gle4dje det du skriver om Sveriges viktigaste allme4npolitiska fre5ga just nu. Ke4mpa vidare, vi e4r me5nga som tror pe5 dig. Jag e4r f6vertygad om att respekten ff6r ve5r integritet och ve5r grundlag kommer att e5teruppre4ttas en dag se5 le4nge som du och jag och andra drar ve5rt stre5 till stacken ff6r att stoppa f6vervakarna.

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  61. Could you please educate the Dutch politicians on how the internet works and it place in modern society? I’m 100% sure they will come to the same conclusions as you did once they what the possibilities and impossibilities of the internet are.

  62. Pingback: Legalización para intercambio de archivos | Groovin' High

  63. If the media conglomerates could grasp that filesharing represents a new , cost-free distribution model that could boost their profits potentially by more than the development of VCRs did for Hollywood in the 80s (and which they also tried to kill), all they’d need to do is to host their own ad-supported torrent sites. it would be win-win for all.

    But I think the nuisance-suit lawyers are whispering in their ears every moment.

    I love Sweden!

  64. Hi Karl

    I think the market has to adapt, for sure, but making the sharing of copyrighted material on the net just free and legal is not the right solution. It’s just part of the solution.

    You cannot ask people – and in that case the ones who make the music, who produce it,… – to work for free. If you do, they will stop producing, and only the amateur stuff will stay online. Of course, there are some gems among them, but still, professionnal desserve to be paid.

    But on other side, you can’t criminalize something that has been made possible by technology and that harms only the music industry’s bank account.

    My proposal : Make file-sharing – or any other system based on today’s technology allowing people to access to the music they want – legal and free… in appearance. In other words, find other ways to fund it. This can be a tax (like the ones we pay for public TV, radio…) or Add-supported music, both, or any other scheme one could invent.

    The tricky thing will be to have the money raised by those potential adds & taxes going to the right pockets, I.E. the ones who have rights on the music that was effectively streamed or downloaded (of course, that should mean anyone, not only guys signed to the big4). On this issue, centralized systems – P2P or not – are probably unavoidable (ah, if the industry hadn’t killed Napster the 1st!). Doing this on websites like Youtube or Dailymotion should be fairly easy.

    To all those who say that the musician’s future is on stage and not on a record anymore, don’t forget that :

    1) Not all music is to be played live (think about Deep forest for exemple, a pure studio project). Studio music is to live music what movies are to plays. When I see that Madonna the queen of Lipsyncing leaves Warner to sign with a touring mogul, claiming the future of music is on stage, it makes me laugh !
    2) The same problems is already affecting the movie business. Should the movie business stop produce movies and actors go back on stage ? I wonder how Star Wars or Matrix could be played live…

    So to sum it all up, I’m with you Karl when you say that the industry has to adapt, that previous models are dead and that criminalizing something that most of us do is plain stupid, but I think the best thing to do to is to propose a better solution that could help the industry adapt to the modern world, and not trying to keep the old world as it is. There is plenty of challenge here, but I think it’s possible.

    The PMs that were against the ultra-harsh (and utterly unefficient) EUCD transposition called DADVSI in France always said that it’s better to “allow to remunerate than to simply forbid”. Too bad, the government did not follow them…

    Philippe, forward thinking music producer from France.

  65. Oh, what a pure populism.

    What freedom are we talking about? Just the freedom people want to have.
    And when I read this here, then you also can say: Since almost every car driver doesn’t follow the traffic regulations, it would be better to abolish all traffic signs. People generally have to take care of themselves, so why should the government invest a lot of money in controls and materials though most of the road users have their own rules and accept by driving too fast even their own death. They have to arrange themselves with the others.
    And what about the shops? Let people give the money they think something is worth or let them take them away for free. We would have much less thieves, much less holdups and the shops probably earn much more money by getting what people think they want to give but they don’t have the enormous costs for security systems and personal and more over an absolutely relaxed atmosphere for personal and customers.

    Sorry, it’s January but this article/opinion is an (early) April fool hoax, isn’t it?

    Let’s see it from another point of view: If the governments would have taken the internet for serious from the very beginning and would have seen what criminal energy is in each of their citizens (but which government really is interested in its citizens?), they would have had used a controlling system as it is usual f.ex. concerning motorists.
    In Germany more and more violations in traffic are committed by…. cyclists. Because they aren’t registered and hard to catch because of that.

    So where is the justification for (alleged) freedom, when it is just used to damage the society?

  66. All “intangibles” should be free of law or restriction.

    intangible |inˈtanjəbəl|
    unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence : my companions do not care about cyberspace or anything else so intangible.
    • difficult or impossible to define or understand; vague and abstract : the rose symbolized something intangible about their relationship.
    • (of an asset or benefit) not constituting or represented by a physical object and of a value not precisely measurable : intangible business property like trademarks and patents.

  67. I thank you as a citizen of the United States. Hopefully someday my country will have representatives who are are enlightened as you.

  68. As a german i’m delighted to see that there are still countries with politicans who have a clue. Unfortunately this is not the case for the german ones. Thank you.

  69. Dear Mr. Sigfrid,

    I am very happy to see a politician who is actually representing his constituents instead of being a puppet to big interest lobbyist. While your pocket-book might not thank you, I– as a single individual living half-way across the world who is interested in improving the plight of humanity– thank you.

    As you astutely elucidate through your discussion of the VCR and mp3 player, the biggest interest groups are always fighting to maintain the status quo because the status quo is precisely the environment that they have thrived in (and indeed, the environment that has allowed them to flourish and become one of the big interest groups).

    Maintaining the status quo is diametrically opposed to the very notion of advancement. The purpose of copyright (at least in the United States) is to help promote the advancement of arts and sciences. As one enlightened individual once said: when the reason for the rule ceases to exist, the rule must no longer exist. In the United States and much of the world, copyright and other intellectual property laws have mutated from their original intention of serving as a fine-tuned and delicate scale in order to help advance humanity into a lethal sword to extract money and increase profits– and this sword has been carelessly (and perhaps viciously) thrust into the interest and heart of humanity.

    You can easily imagine that if we were to apply the atmosphere of today’s intellectual property laws to a distant history and then follow this trend to the present day, then the art and works of Socrates, Mozart, and Machiavelli would be restricted by greedy publishers seeking to get every possible dime out of their work.

    In a day and age when the internet has allowed the dissemination of ideas, art, and work to people across the world in ways people never dreamed possible, and when access to this work is available to a young child with an open mind who is seeking knowledge and information, then there is no excuse for greedy special interest groups (or the politicians in their pocket) to act as a roadblock.

    Thank you for attempting to dismantle the roadblock!

  70. A great initiative! A couple of month ago we had here in Switzerland a very hot debate into the press media about this theme. IFPI want to kill all good things! We fight since 2004 with IFPI for reducing the webcasting conditions. It’s impossible for many youth and non-commercial stations to finance a minimum amount of 2000 euros per year.

    Good luck with your project!

    Greets, Carl
    Swiss Internet Radio Ass.

  71. Pingback: Counting to Zer0 » Blog Archive » Share. It’s Fair.

  72. Compliments for you and for the people you represent.
    We have seen lately a surge that engulfed the government of nations (even some which used to be associated with freedom) to adopt strange totalitarian initiatives.
    Immigration, file-sharing, privacy are all linked.
    The crusade against file sharing may be just a probe for worst things to come: if the wrong side wins, next step could be further suppression of hard-won civil liberties.
    For instance, it would be to the interest of the copyright mafia the criminalization of such a banal situation like playing a CD at home for friends: greed may interpret that as felony, for allowing non-owners to enjoy a copyrighted work.
    Absurd? Preposterous? Impossible? Think again.

  73. I really am delighted to hear of this initiative from parliamentary incumbents. As usual we get the “OMG yur steeling our Stuffs” Comments which I try to ignore. Since by definition theft = loss of use to/of something. Since we all speak a written language then to use any word or organization of words = theft by these peoples reckoning. Since they’ve been said or organized in this very manner before therefore it’s a breach of copyright to use these words/phrases/sentences. I hope that this initiative can reach Corporate America… I have to agree with the Status Quo comment it’s true history has proven it. We all have to fight for progress. Right now with the laws you have to reinvent the box, the numbers, etc. to make a calender program because it’s still under copyright. There are many of these issues involved. When public library’s came out the Publishers were afraid no books would be sold because the people could just get it free. (wow they and their pocket books were proven wrong)… The internet is similar it’s a different distribution method. The idea is to get your stuff out there. Most of us are willing to give the true authors/artists their share of the $ but we don’t see the need for the middle men. The blatant ignorance and rampant stupidity these status quo groups are causing. I like many others like to have a physical copy that I own. BUT I PREFER to not need it in my CD/DVD drive, etc. I like my MP3/OGG players. I like Divx/Xvid. I don’t like DRM, the fact that I buy a DVD and I can’t skip/fast-forward. That it’s technically illegal for me to rip it to XVid/Divx (because I’m circumventing a copy protection system) DMCA (One of the biggest Pieces of CRAP ever passed in the USA.) Fair-Use limits this a little. One would think that after trying the Prohibition that someone would have learned from history. But alas it seems we are doomed to repeat it. So, it’s nice to see someone who has learned from history and is trying to progress to the future. I look forward to the progress you will make. Because it is the collective will of the people in most countries if it were not so then it wouldn’t be happening on such a scale.

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  75. I almost see it as an issue of intimate rights. Here in the USA, there is some leeway for downloading off the networks; however many sites expect a profit.
    Basically, it’s anti-socialism. Anyway I expect the issues to be resolved quickly. Thanks for the civil rights article, it was exactly what I was searching for. If there is any reason to contact me, please use my email.

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  141. Most Facebook users are teenagers who do not have a lot of money to
    spend. This tool (once called Pin – Clout) is very similar to Facebook Insights.
    The “following” and “followers” selection operates in the same fashion as Google+ and Twitter.

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