Irlands hädelselag i EU Observer

I dag publicerar EU Observer en debattartikel som jag har skrivit om Irlands nya hädelselag.

Once a restriction is in place in one European country it will quickly be legitimised, and politicians in other countries can point to it as they take away fundamental rights from their own citizens. The argument will be that if a developed Western society such as Ireland does it, it surely cannot be incompatible with democratic principles.

In worst case, the spread of blasphemy laws will be accelerated by EU initiatives.

EU Observer

I söndags skrev filosofiprofessorn Per Bauhn om teokratins återkomst på SvD Brännpunkt.


11 thoughts on “Irlands hädelselag i EU Observer

  1. It is none of the Swedish people’s business what laws are passed in Ireland.

    It is people like you Mr Sigfrid that will ensure a second “No” vote on The Lisbon Treaty.

    This law was brought in, not to promote, but to defend the right of all people who have sincerely held beliefs to worship their gods without mockery and ridicule. If I visit a Buddhist temple in Thailand, although I’m not a Buddhist I would take my shoes off. Likewise if Swedish people visit Ireland they should realise that many people hold dear their religion and keep offensive comments to themselves. And I imagine that most of them would. I only mention this in regard to your comments.

  2. Hello:)

    I am so pleased you are taking issue with this terrible threat to human rights in ireland.

    I lived in England for 15 years. I met my wife (who is neither irish, white or catholic) there and we had 3 children. The schools in England we have experience of treated us and our children with friendliness and respect. My children had a great start to their education there and as a parent I felt relaxed and happy.

    On returning to my native country to live just over 10 years ago we were shocked with the contrast. The catholic church is still a very selfish and dominant force here in ireland. Even though the religious do little teaching now, the schools are still under their control.

    The vast majority of irish parents, while not mass attending ‘active’ catholics as such, passively allow their children to be indoctrinated by this discredited organization in the schools, so when any parent asks not to have their children indoctrinated it is very unusual and causes terrible trouble for both parents and children.

    * Children not attending religious lessons are made to feel like inferior outsiders.
    * Many primary and secondry schools just refuse entry even when there are plenty of places.
    * Non catholic children tend to be directed to schools where trades, rather than professions, are the ultimate career focus.

    My youngest son was actually out of primary school (at home) for 18 months even though there are 2 schools right beside where we live. He was eventually accepted to a small rural school 10Km away, but only after I was interviewed by a priest to explain my views!!!! This was presumably an insurance for the principal who feared trouble otherwise.

    Most irish parents apparently don’t see a problem; they have not taken any position on principle and have not found the boundaries of their rights and those of their children.

    It has been very upsetting for us to see the quality of our children’s futures being mitigated by this hypocritical behaviour which I woul have thought contravenes EU law.


    My wife works in health care at a Dublin hospital where over half the staff are neither irish or catholic. There is catholic iconography in every room. Senior management at the hospital gave the appearances of making enquiries about making the hospital culture neutral but were apparently told that although a religious order sold the land where this new hospital was built, they retain some sort of control over it – so the iconography stays!!!


    Having shared my concerns with elected representatives and various government departments (including the department of education) it seems that the catholic system here has ensured that there are people in positions of authority who can squash any complaints that the few self respecting citizens here may raise.

    Unfortunately too, it seems that complaints to the EU parliament or other EU institutions are passed on to people from the complainant’s region, in my case Irish representatives, who themselves may be part of the problem. Far too many irish public representatives are in extreme catholic organizations such as opus dei. They talk human rights, but walk very much towards the right when it comes to the rights of non-catholic people.

    That last paragraph might have seemed a touch conspiratorial if it were not for the fact that in the summer of 2009, while the British removed a 200 year old blasphemy law which they rightly felt was archaic and dangerous, the irish introduced a new one!!!!!!

    And that is why I am writing to you; I want to thank you sincerely Karl for filing your complaint with the Commission.

    The very best in all your endeavours.

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  4. The new blasphemy law is a disgrace. We do not need it. I am from Dublin but have lived all over the world,mainly in Muslim countries. We the human race are a couple of chromosomes away from a chicken. We are so over the catholic church in this country. It had a purpose when we were justifying killing other so called Christians. I could go on, but crystallized with this quote.

    Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
    But for good people to do evil things, it takes religion.
    Steven Weinberg

    Have I just committed blasphemy!!!
    If so.

    More anon.


  5. You have no mandate from the Irish people over what can be said, or not be said in Ireland. As long as ignorent foreigners like you try to dictate to us, we will reject the Lisbon Treaty and kick the likes of you back to where you came from. The Vikings came and we also kicked their ass. Freedom of speech is OK as long as you don’t disrespect the rights of others. The rights that out fathers and those that went before them died for will not easily be surrendured. look after your own countries morals before you start dictating to us.
    Eireann go Bragh.

  6. I live in Ireland, and people like Eric Briggs, Michael or Jerker certainly don’t represent my opinion. If you checked, I’d guess all those comments are from the same person.

    I’m glad somebody is standing up against this ridiculous law and protecting us from religious lunatics.

    Thanks Karl. Well done.

  7. I’ve never voted moderate and never thought I’d ever will, but after hearing that at least someone is standing up for free speech in the face of clergy (of all things in the 21st century) leads me to believe that I perhaps have to take a look at my political position.

    And I agree, blasphemy laws are not compatible with the human rights charter and should not be compatible with membership in the EU.

    And to the one’s thinking freedom of speech is fine as long as it doesn’t offend anyone I say this. Freedom of speech is -meaningless- if it doesn’t cover the things that are uncomfortable to hear. We could just as well not have it at all in that case.

  8. I’m Irish and I am most grateful to you for taking this on.

    Eric Briggs, Michael and Jerker have been extremely rude and in some cases bordering on racist here, but that’s their right, it’s called free speech and the freedom to express your disagreement with another person’s views.

    For some reason they want to remove the freedom they have just exercised from those who might just disagree with them. This is a ludicrous law and needs to be shown as such.

    I’ve also submitted a formal complaint to the EU.

  9. Thank you, Mr Sigfrid, for taking this on. Its shaming and embarrassing that Irish people such as myself have rolled over and allowed this to happen in our country.

    Keep up the good work!

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