Ny header – tack Marcus!

Marcus Fridholm har gjort en ny, betydligt snyggare header till min blogg. Stort tack!


10 thoughts on “Ny header – tack Marcus!

  1. Tyska demokratiska republiken kunde heta “demokratiska” hur mycket den ville; FRA-domstolen kan heta domstol hur mycket den vill; lyssna på den juridiska expertisen som riksdagen har bett om respons i FRA-frågan och rösta nej.

    • Buck Lake Live & 65 … that is 65 years in the making.Buck Lake Live prludoy presents International Recording Artist and Evangelist, Nod Arvefel, Saturday evening, August 25th at 7 pm at Historic Buck Lake Ranch, Angola, Indiana.Nod Arvefel is an International Recording Artist whose original songs and music ride the radio airwaves in more than 50 countries of the world. His Contemporary Christian music sound includes genres of Folk, Rock, Blues, Jazz and more. Nod is no ordinary artist. With musical storyteller’s ability, Nod captures both your heart and attention as he sings you through Bible Story songs, Bible verse put to music, message songs, and worship and praise. You will both laugh and cry because Nod sings from deep in his heart. Nod always sings to glorify the Lord. Be sure to stop by and become a part of a fun, moving, heartfelt experience. You will find his music both captivating and exhilarating, like an anointed breath of fresh air. Admission and parking are free and there is always a new program with new people every Saturday night.Mark your calendars, August 25th at 7 pm, for Nod Arvefel LIVE at Historic Buck Lake Ranch, 2705 West Buck Lake Road, Angola, Indiana.See you there!

    • I have always loved the quote “actions speak ldoeur than words”. You and “Miss Boo” proved it true! She is learning to be kind because she has a kind mama. You are awesome!

    • i think behr paint (behr.com) has something like that, but i beivlee there is a $5 fee i’ve not used it, but i have looked at colors on the website before. also you can pick up the paint booklets/chips at home depot (from behr) and the booklets has complimentary colors and shows the paint in different rooms.i personally like the behr paint (semi gloss) because its wonderful for being able to clean it especially with kids and crayons, markers, finger paints, etc. it is a little costlier than most paints, but it covers great and last great also if you use the behr paint and there is something wrong with the paint itself a behr representative will come out and paint your walls for you (there has to be something

  2. Det är intressant att du har en Hollywood-keps på dig då du av vissa partikamrater verkar kallas “piratmoderaten”. :P

  3. Eftersom jag har flera goda vänner bland aktiva moderater, har jag ställt frågan om de kan umgås med pirater utan att få problem med det bland sina partivänner. Frågan är föranledd av att jag efter riksdagens beslut i onsdags slutligen bestämt mig för att bli aktiv medlem i Piratpartiet. De som fått min fråga har försäkrat mig att varken de själva eller andra moderater lider av beröringsskräck. Därför tycker jag att du ska ha överseende med den som har ett behov att klistra på dig epitet med koppling till PP – det säger mera om honom/henne/dem än om dig.

    • i love this!!! how do you think it would look on furniture tops? I’m reinifshnig my bedroom furniture and wanting to paint it black, but i want a little kick. I was thinking maybe painting the tops of the nightstand and dressers in a black and white design. What do you think?

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